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A Viable Financial Solution You Can Rely On

If you're feeling the crunch from the economic crisis, you're not alone. In the final month of 2008, the number of late payments to credit card companies shot up 18 percent--and it's been steadily rising ever since. That's not to say creditors are losing a lot of money as a result; typically, they get end up getting the payments--and late fees to boot. The losers in the situation are the cardholders, who end up with negative marks on their credit reports regardless of whether they eventually come through with their payments. And that causes damage that isn't so quickly repaired. The only way to remove such derogatory marks from your credit history is to wait. And late payments of 30, 60 or 90 days won't disappear from your report until after two years, while delinquencies show up for seven. We can prevent your financial reputation from being damaged and help ensure a brighter financial future for you and your family.

How Our Trusted Lending Partners Can Help

The companies we work with can hook you up with fast cash when you need it--often within 24 hours from the time you submit your request. The extremely quick turnaround makes it the perfect solution when you're facing an unexpected financial dilemma, such as receiving a bill you can't pay before its due date. And considering the long-lasting ramifications a late payment can have on your future, the benefits of getting a payday loan will be around long after you've paid back the money.

Easy Money

Securing the money you need can be a lengthy, arduous process. Before your request can be approved, the lender has to run a credit check, review your payment histories, verify your employment, evaluate the collateral you're willing to offer and more. Contrarily, the money you borrow through our partners is considered to be an advance on your next paycheck. Therefore, if you have a job that pays you, you've got nothing else to prove. There's no long-term payment plan to shoehorn into your monthly budget; there's no danger of missing a payment and damaging your credit history; there are no revolving interest charges to drain your future earnings; and there are no collateral requirements that put your home, property or vehicle at risk.

Convenient Cash

Furthermore, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home to do it. After you apply online through a security-enabled website, your approved balance will be electronically transferred into your bank account, ready for you to spend or withdraw using your debit card. When your next paycheck arrives, the amount you owe will be automatically withdrawn from your account. That means no wasted stamps or trips to the post office; no late fees or due dates to keep track of; and no hassles whatsoever. By getting a cash advance through our affiliates, you'll have money in your pocket quickly with very little effort on your part.

Something as simple as a late credit card payment can damage your credit for two years.